Mutual funds now represent perhaps the most appropriate investment opportunity for most investors. As financial markets become more sophisticated and complex, investors need a financial intermediary who provides the required knowledge and professional expertise on successful investing. The birth of mutual funds took place in U.S.A where the fund industry has already overtaken the banking industry, more funds being under mutual fund management than deposited with banks. In India first mutual fund was launched by Unit Trust of India in 1967 named as Unit Scheme 1964 (still one of the largest).

A mutual fund is a common pool of money into which investors place their contributions that are to be invested in accordance with a stated objective. The ownership of the fund is thus joint or “mutual”; the fund belongs to all investors .A single investor’s ownership of the fund is in the same proportion as the amount of the contribution made by him or her bears to the total amount of the fund.

Thus Mutual Funds give you access to Indian equity and debt securities .We offer advice on the entire universe of mutual funds. So be it equity funds, where you look for growth and capital appreciation or debt funds for capital preservation.

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