Fixed Deposit
FDs are one of the oldest and most common methods of investing. When it comes to assured returns, choosing the right type of savings scheme makes all the difference. Fixed Deposits let you make the most of value-added benefits as you create wealth at low risk.

Fixed Deposits in companies that earn a fixed rate of return over a period of time are called Company Fixed Deposits.
Types of Companies offering Fixed Deposits
  • Financial Institutions
  • Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs).
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Housing Finance Companies
  • Government Companies &
    You can also go for Fixed Deposits with Banks.

The Bonds may be held by –

  •  An individual, not being a Non-Resident Indian (NRI)
    •  In his or her individual capacity, or
    •  In an individual capacity on joint basis, or
    •  In an individual capacity on anyone or survivor basis, or
    •  On behalf of a minor as father/mother/legal guardian

  •  Hindu Undivided Family.

  •  Few Points 
    • 'Charitable Institution' to mean a Company registered under Section 25 of the Indian  Companies Act 1956 or
    • An institution which has obtained a Certificate of Registration as a charitable institution in  accordance with a law in force; or
    • Any institution which has obtained a certificate from Income Tax Authority for the purpose  of Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

  • "University" means a university established or incorporated by a Central, State or Provincial Act,  and includes an institution declared under section 3 of the University Grants Commission Act,  1956 (3 of 1956), to be a university for the purposes of that Act.